Dino Tech Baseball Jacket

Dino Tech Baseball Jacket

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According to Steven Hawking' prophecy, we are as little as around 100 years left to live on Earth. We must flee and seek a new place in space. This fellow took these words firmly into his heart and began to wander. Astrodeer design is one of our favourites because it fantastically combines humour and reflections. On the one hand, you can smile broadly at the sight of a deer in a cosmonaut outfit, but on the other hand, the reality around him is grey, unpredictable with a touch of anxiety. What is cool is that the Astrodeer graphic can be interpreted in several ways and that's what we mean! We do not want to close the Mr GUGU & Miss GO style in some rigid conventions. We give you the freedom of choice, and the only thing we care about is to let you stand out in the crowd. This design comes of course in fullprint technology, so you can be sure that it will last for long.

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